I wished they had not publicized it, ESPECIALLY since ISIS still holds another reporter. Jeez, this Obama regime is filled with morons.

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“It’s not like it was years ago when people were just looking for a job or something to eat. Now if they ask for something and they don’t get it, some of them will take it.

Sadly, they will fit right in.

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Palestinians launched more than 180 rockets on Tuesday and Wednesday, mainly at southern Israel, with some intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, the military said. No casualties were reported on the Israeli side.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined to say whether Deif had been targeted, but he reaffirmed Israel’s longstanding policy of considering militant leaders as legitimate targets, adding that “none are immune” from attack.

Of course military leaders are legitimate targets.

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Hmmmm…. They say that the name of this police officer may not be released for weeks or months…they will only say that this he was “other than white”. Really?? What’s up with that? Why are so many afraid of transparency? All information on all parties should always be out there.


‘Doctor’ Hired by Mike Brown’s Family to Help Perform Autopsy is a Fraud

One of the medical examiners hired by the Brown family’s attorney to perform an independent autopsy on the slain teen is apparently not who he claims to be.

According to Fox4, the prefix of “Dr.” in front of Shawn…

You know you’ve used too many ISIS and ISIL tags when you start getting this as a recommended blog…

You know you’ve used too many ISIS and ISIL tags when you start getting this as a recommended blog…

waistdeepinash said: Beth, you're literally an old racist fuck and I don't give a shit about your opinion. don't comment on anything I post ever again. people like you are literally a fucking plague

Why do you call me a racist?  Because I used the word “Fergustan”? Anyone (or group)  that threatens violence until they get a certain result is a terrorist.  They can be domestic as well—nothing racist about that.  

I probably will not remember your username after this and I’m sure our paths will not cross again in the future, however I cannot promise that something I comment on will not ended up on your page somewhere.  Oh, and you might want to clean up your language a little bit.  You know what they say about profanity.  

Also, and if it weren’t for plague like me, this country would break up. People like me have a lot of people to support out there….





If you support the people in Ferguson but not the people in Gaza or vice-versa you’re probably racist and I have no time for you


congrats you’re the exact type of person this post is talking about

Somebody who uses reaction pictures?

I don’t use reaction pictures only because I haven’t tried yet. I made the same face myself when I read that post about supporting one and not the other.

I don’t support the rioters and looters in Fergustan or Hamas in Gaza. Both are terrorists and don’t care about peace unless their demands are met. Fergustanis rioting on the street are the same as Hamas.